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Thermal Screening from EFP


With the current pandemic which has swept across the world, we must look for new ways to protect ourselves and gather more information for future pandemics. 

A quick and easy way to ensure that people, whether they be staff or visitors, are safe to enter your building/business is to test their temperature. Now although this will not determine whether a person has or hasn't got a virus, it does enable you too identify people quicker to carry out further tests. 

Thermal Image Screening with cameras is a great way to do this, as you don't have the intrusion of person to person contact.

There are many different solutions that we can provide, which vary from the Temporary Hand-held Cameras, to Networked Cameras detecting 30 faces at a time up to a range of 7 metres.

If you think your business could benefit from either the temporary or permanent installation of Thermal Image Screening, please contact one of our experienced team members who can guide you further on your requirements.


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