AOV/ Smoke Ventilation Systems


Heat and smoke ventilation systems are both Life Safety Systems and are commonly installed in buildings for the following reasons:

Multiple Floors - The heat release rate from multiple floors is expected to be very high. In such cases, it is considered by some fire protection professionals desirable to vent the heat from the building if the temperatures in the building reaches sufficiently high levels to endanger the structural stability of the roof system. Smoke venting is also considered to provide a minor benefit to increase the visibility in the interior space to facilitate manual fire fighting efforts for a limited period of time.

Large Open Areas – Venting smoke from large spaces which regularly contain large numbers of people, such as Shopping Centres and Atriums.

Here at EFP, we are able to carry out the annual test and inspections of your Heat or Smoke Ventilation systems, along with repairs. We are also available 24/7 to carry out any repairs, or to simply assist in closing your Ventilation in the event of misuse.  


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